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Thinking Different.

WE ARE A TEAM WITH A SHARED GOAL: Improving patient’s lives by making life-saving information accessible for every patient

We are determined, focused on patients and unstoppable.

Most people we work with are patients, loved ones and experts who have an extensive knowledge about the healthcare system. Having experienced what patients go through from closebly, and/or knowing how it also can be, enables us to better connect with and understand our patients and clients.

Susanne Baars

I am driven to contribute to improving patients’ lives worldwide significantly. I have served in numerous roles in science, government, hospitals, and industry.

Being born in a medical family specialized in genetics I experienced first hand that there is more information about genomics to save lives. I became a genomics scientist at Harvard aiming to find a cure for one of the world’s deadliest diseases. Until I realized that by using technology we can use the power of millions of motivated patients to help each other to access life-saving information and find personalised treatments faster. 

 I founded SocialGenomics and the Human Genome Foundation, responsible for helping patients access life-saving information and building multi-stakeholder collaborations in complex environments.

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Susanne Baars

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Harry Verbunt

My name is Harry Verbunt. I am 58 years old and married with Ida for more than 29 years and we have a son Tristan (26) and a daughter Elise (24). I have worked for 30+ years in the IT world and the last 15 years I was Healthcare Lead at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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Harry Verbunt

Sponsors and Partners

Patients know best
Social Brothers
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What makes us unique?

The world’s first patient driven global AI network to help patients find a personalised treatment.

  • Patient driven community backed based on deep medical expertise
  • Gives patients actionable information about what to do when you search for answers
  • Bring data from patients from multiple countries together with AI to accelerate finding markers that could lead to treatments
  • Helps you to assemble all your health and tumor data so you can quickly share with expert doctors


Austin, Texas, March 2019 – NASA iTECH acknowledged SocialGenomics at South by South West (SXSW): young game-changer working on shaping our future.


Austin, Texas, March 10, 2019 – Sandoz, a Novartis division, announced SocialGenomics as winners of the 2019 Sandoz Healthcare Access Challenge (HACk). Chosen from over 400 ideas across 80 countries, who will now receive EUR 20,000 each in funding to bring their ideas to life



One young world

One Young World

Den Hague, October 2018 – the government of Den Hague has chosen our founder Susanne Baars as TOP3 Dutch game changers working on the most impactful solutions to shape our future – providing a scholarship to attend the Global Summit.

Prix Galien Award

Nominee Prix Galien MedTech Award

The Prix Galien Awards, is considered the industry’s equivalent of the Nobel Prize, the highest accolade for biomedical research and innovation. Each year our distinguished Awards Committee, selects among many candidates the best products competing in three categories – Best Pharmaceutical Agent, Best Biotechnology Product and Best Medical Technology.



Amsterdam, July 2019 – The Rabobank Sustainable Innovation Award is for entrepreneurs that dare to bring their innovations forward and mean something valuable to society. They show the world feasible and profitable innovations that are in the final stages of development, with societal impact and to ultimately create a better world. It is for entrepreneurs who want to grow and contribute to the improvement of society.

INspiring Fifty

Inspiring Fifty

On the 7th of May, Inspiring Fifty Netherlands announced the 50 technology trailblazers, innovators and executives that are shifting perceptions of what women can and do achieve in this sector.